Do you want to live a healthy, empowered, and meaningful life but feel trapped, stagnant, and weighed down?

You want to wake up in the morning feeling physically healthy, energetic, confident, and empowered. Instead, you are so exhausted, depleted, and overwhelmed from responsibilities at home, work, or school that some days you struggle just to make it through the day.

You are tired of struggling with the same patterns over and over again. You make a change in your life, and things seem to go well for awhile, but then you find yourself right back in the same situation as before – those physical pains have returned, you experiencing the “same old story” in your relationships, and you can’t seem to escape the emotional roller coaster or free yourself from recurring thought patterns. Some days, you don’t even feel like you know who you are any more.

If you want to stop being a slave to your physical pains; to take charge of your own life; to become the healthy, vibrant, and confident person you can feel deep inside your soul – you have come to the right place! At Health In Your Hands, we work with you awaken your power to heal, connect with your inner power and wisdom, and to co-create the life you want. As you learn to listen to your body; nourish your cells and your soul;  and manage your personal energy, you will return to a life of healthy vitality, clarity, centeredness, and peace.

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Rebecca has an amazing energy and a wonderful, articulate voice in the world. As a person with depth and experience living her truth, she has the capability to facilitate for others as they seek to express and live more of their truth … and she is an evolving human who knows there is always more!”

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®, Sedona, AZ

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